The day before we finished out circumnavigation of Martinique by paddleboard, Sea Dragon arrived on the island, having just sailed the Atlantic with the all-female crew of eXXpedition

Sea Dragon is a __ft yaught used for scientific research in the ocean, with it's main current use measuring plastic pollution in the waters. This intrigued me, and made me feel more honored to see it. 

For the next _ days, it would be used for Exploring Mindset, a series of meaningful workshops, deep conversations and time to reflect life on land. It's a trip set up by Emily Penn and Dave Cornthwaite, open to all in a bid to explore the ordinary in an extraordinary way.

There was so many incredible people who joined our crew, so many inspiring stories and a sense of openness to vulnerability, embracing it wholeheartedly.

Whilst all this was going on, we were integrated as part of a fully-functioning crew, navigating the ship across the choppy sea towards the BVI's. This was an incredible experience, as I had no prior knowledge of sailing, it fascinated me! One of my favorite moments from the trip was being atop deck at 2am, part of the night watch, staring up at the sky and suddenly, a shooting speck of light. Then another. Above me, in that hour's watch I counted 53 shooting stars! In hindsight I believe it might have been a meteor shower, however it truly filled me with wonder.